What we can help you with

We work in Past and Present

In what period of time?

We will help you find relatives born after 1780 or died before 1999.

Genealogy of an individual person

We help you to search for individuals, such as an elderly relative who disappeared a few generations ago.

Genealogy of married couples

We help you to search for the married couple who disappeared a few generations ago.

From the cradle to the grave – follow a relative during his lifetime

Why not follow a relative through life, from birth through education, marriage, and work.
See where the person has lived during his lifetime. Making a time axis over a person is the best way to get to know your old relative.

We offer the first hour! We use the first hour to check that further work is possible.
For very extensive jobs that require many hours of research, a 15% discount on hourly rate (over 20 hours of work) will be obtained. Working hours are always commenced half an hour.
When traveling in Sweden or abroad, only the actual cost is charged. This also applies to hotels. The customer is always contacted before the trip for information and decision on the matter.

Prices for private individuals

380 SEK (approx. 38 Euro). per hour including VAT
Assignments limited to a maximum of three (3) hours prepaid. If the customer wishes to proceed with the assignment, the excess time is charged.


All prices include VAT.

Note Enter your name and invoice number. at the time of payment.
Corporate number 969786-8660
The company holds Swedish F-tax and is registered for VAT

Information Fees

Fee for invoice by e-mail: 0 SEK
Paper invoice fee: 20 SEK
The research report is sent by PostNord according to current tax or email free of charge.
In case of late payment, a fee of 50 SEK is charged + interest at the current reference rate (+ 6%).